My Favourite Quotes (2)

And may the God of Song and Dance bless you, the Father who started the dance, the Son who calls the tune, and the Spirit who plays the pipes (An Irish Prayer)

A great teacher never strives to explain one’s vision – he or she simply invites you to stand alongside and see yourself.  (Reverend R. Inman)

The well-educated teacher is not the one who has mastered the jargon of pedagogy, but the one who is himself so constantly in quest of knowledge and intellectual power.  The learning in him begets learning in his students (A. Beston)

With courage you will dare to take risks, have the strength to be compassionate and the wisdom to be humble.  Courage is the foundation of integrity.  (Keshavan Nair)

Life is simply a matter of concentration:  you are what you set out to be.  You are a composite of the things you say, the books you read, the thoughts you think, the company you keep and the things you desire to become.  (B.C. Forbes)