Jodi has an incredible understanding of the dancer’s potential. As she was a professional dancer herself, she gives a perfect class for any dancer that wants to gain strength and technique in an atmosphere of encouragement. I found it extremely positive working with Jodi, she is caring and a very dear person.

I can never thank you enough for the lovely classes you give. They do me so much good – not only to my body but also my spirit.

As a professional dancer, one’s technique can often slip, with all the performing and lack of individual correction in company class. Jodi’s classes really help you to retrieve that technique with her eye for small faults, while always making it a fun and enjoyable experience.

I still do class with Jodi when ever I can, I do this for two reasons, even at my age she still gives me new incredible knowledge that I take back to my students at ED5INTERNATIONAL and her beautiful, thoughtful teaching technique centres me and makes me love dance so much. Jodi is the most exceptional teacher I have ever come across.

Jodi’s teaching combines an understanding of good ballet fundamentals, an impeccable eye for corrections and her delightful personality.

Being a contemporary dancer and teacher, I go to Jodi’s classes because it is a ‘no frills’ ballet class with emphasis on correct placement that corresponds with my own teaching. As teachers we need to correct ourselves constantly too, and it is just wonderful to have somebody as professional and giving as Jodi to feed us.