What does charisma mean?  Who has it?  Can anyone possess it?  Does the word hold meaning only to the rich, powerful and famous?  I believe within each of us there is a seed of charisma.  This seed when cared for and planted is developed into an individual style and confidence.  It is our personal magnetism, our power source which is strengthened through right living and right thinking.

Way back in 2001, I read an article in Vogue magazine.  They listed seven key points to describe charisma. 

1) Your silent message.  You make a statement about yourself before you even open your mouth.  This is your silent message.  It’s the way you project yourself physically, emotionally and intellectually.

2) Your ability to speak well.  You may have a great idea but you must articulate it.

3) Your listening skills.  Rarely taught and seldom practiced, listening is a key to communicating and making others feel special.

4) Your persuasive abilities.  This is your skill at motivating others to follow your lead.

5) Your use of space and time.  How you honour or violate another person’s personal space and time affect the amount of trust or tension between.

6) Your ability to adapt to others.  Building bridges to other people is impossible without understanding how to treat them as they would like to be treated. 

7) Your vision, your ideas.  What do you feel passionate about?  You’ll never influence anyone to change their ideas if you don’t feel strongly about yourself.

All in all, charisma blossoms from living in an atmosphere of truth.  Following your truth!  Being yourself!  Having your own style!  Remember if you are real, truthful and loving from the inside, imagine how it affects the overall picture of yourself.  Be real, be honest, be true!