Jodi Rose Ballet School

The Jodi Rose Ballet Studio was founded in 1997.

Jodi Rose (formerly Jodi Wintz) is passionate about providing world class coaching and teaching. She has established an excellent reputation in both the US and Australia and is widely acknowledged as a master teacher at improving any dancer’s technique. Jodi has a strong background in each of the universally accepted ballet styles, including RAD, BBO, Cecchetti, Vaganova and Balanchine.

Her classes are structured around placement, imagery and presentation with an emphasis on personal enjoyment and artistry.

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  • My Favourite Quotes (3)

    The mediocre teacher tells.  The good teacher explains.  The superior teacher demonstrates.  The great teacher inspires.  (William Arthur Ward) Beginning dancer, knows nothing.  Intermediate dancer, knows everything, too good to dance with beginners.  “Hotshot” dancer, too good to dance with anyone. Advanced dancer, dances everything, especially with beginners.  (Attributed to Dick Crum) I try to help […]

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  • The Artist’s Way

    There were so many wonderful master teachers who helped shape and form my professional life, and whose words will always inspire me.  Gifted artists like Jonathan Watts, Alexandra Danilova, Stanley Williams, Robert Joffrey… the list goes on!  So, in this section from time to time I will share a few stories/anecdotes from them. Richard Gibson […]

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  • Charisma

    What does charisma mean?  Who has it?  Can anyone possess it?  Does the word hold meaning only to the rich, powerful and famous?  I believe within each of us there is a seed of charisma.  This seed when cared for and planted is developed into an individual style and confidence.  It is our personal magnetism, […]

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